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Nationwide company provides hardware and software solutions that facilitate transaction data between millions of customers and the companies they do business with. These transactions occur over the counter, at ATM’s, by telephone and the Internet.

The company has emergency stocking locations (ESL’s) strategically located throughout the U.S. When data information links malfunction, the repair must be completed as soon as possible. The company needed to reduce its transportation expenses while maintaining its service support commitments.

By accessing Greyhound schedules through GPX Onlines routing optimization, the company is able to quickly identify the appropriate Greyhound schedule and terminal pair within a 30-mile radius of the ESL and the exact location of the service call. The company automatically sends GPX the shipment information through their OMS to the GPX Support Center. The GPX Support Center tracks and manages each shipment event twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the automated notification features in GPX Online can automatically notify the company’s service center and customer engineer as to the shipments status in real-time.

Response times to identify appropriate Greyhound schedules and make critical service repair decisions have been cut dramatically. In many cases, the company’s service times have improved by using GPX while reducing transportation costs by replacing expensive exclusive use vehicle services preferred by its primary warehouse and logistics provider.