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Veterinary Supply Company sells pharmaceuticals and supplies to animal clinics and hospitals throughout the southwestern United States from a distribution center located in Ft. Worth, TX.

Customer Challenge
The company required early morning delivery for emergency veterinary shipments. In many cases, their previous providers could not offer early morning delivery to clinics and hospitals located in rural and suburban markets in West Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

GPX Resolution
The company solved its transportation challenges by utilizing Greyhound’s nationwide schedule network for expedited door-to-door delivery. Due to the frequency of schedules offered by Greyhound Lines, the Veterinary Supply Company was also able to extend the time customers had to place orders to the end of business day.

The company has expanded its use of GPX from the first test lane segment to eight lane segments within the first year. The company has been able to expand its own business due to the flexibility offered in cut-off times and delivery commitments offered by Greyhound PackageExpress.