GPX Online

Ship. Print. Track. Notify. Manage. We pack it into one easy-to-use web address. It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s ready to ship when you are.

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  • Ship up to 99 pieces with one order.
  • Order cloning allows easy placement of repeat shipments and returns.
  • Save quotes and orders before placement,access your saved order and place without re-entry.
  • Automated order placement for recurring shipments eliminates data entry completely.


  • Automated notification of critical shipment events by email and phone.
  • Multiple order tracking makes it easy to review all shipments simultaneously.
  • Check shipment status out of office via web-enabled cell phone or PDA.


  • State-of-the-art routing evaluates all Greyhound schedule points to help determine optimal service times.
  • Receipt and label printing eliminate manual waybill completion.
  • Eliminate repetitive data entry when placing orders with our online address book.
  • OMS/WMS integration options available.
  • Evaluate GPX transportation partners who deliver a variety of shipping solutions that reduce costs without sacrificing service.